Automated Analysis of Cybercriminal Markets

We have developed an automated, top-down approach for analyzing underground forums. Using natural language processing and machine learning, our approach can automatically generate high-level information about underground forums with high accuracy.

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This is a collaborative study among researchers from the International Computer Science Institute, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and New York University.

Rebecca S. Portnoff, Sadia Afroz, Greg Durrett, Jonathan K. Kummerfeld, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Damon McCoy, Kirill Levchenko, and Vern Paxson. Tools for Automated Analysis of Cybercriminal Markets. In Proceedings of 26th International World Wide Web conference (to appear). 2017.


Our code is available on github: It includes code for extracting information about the type of a post, products bought/sold, the prices of products, and currency exchanges.


We have used eight distinct forums to assess our tools: Antichat, Blackhat World, Carders, Darkode, Hack Forums, Hell, L33tCrew and Nulled.